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Right Hand Drive


We have limited stocks of right hand drive original parts. We produce some reproduction right hand drive parts, such as front floor mats, and pedal mats, and air cleaners.


Advice can be supplied on most right hand drive queries.





We restore right hand drive steering boxes.
We can restore your  2 tooth or 7 tooth box .


For a comprehensive list of right hand parts, click here.

For New Zealand manufactured shock absorber sets click here

Right hand Drive Parts For Sale.
MK2 Air cleaner. Runs parallel to the tappet cover. $115.00. A must for any keen motorist with engine protection at heart.
For more information and pics, click here.
Manifold exhaust clamps. Specially made for right hand drive.
 $35.00 each. Complete with the long brass exhaust nuts for a better bite on the thread.
   Robertson (Square drive) 5/16" UNF. Screws for securing the stanchions of the open Fords 1928 to 1931.$40.00 for set of 4.
  Brake and clutch pedal rubbers. For the round pedals only. $20.00 pr.

      Right Hand drive front floor mats, in the original "Spatter Pattern". Covers the complete front floor. Now $245.00  Smaller pyramid pattern pedal mats, surround the pedal area only. $45.00.       


Pics of the following soon.
Floor Boards.
Steering arms with new ball joints. All welded ball joints come with a welders ticket, showing proof of a legally welded joint, welded by a ticketed operator.
7 tooth steering boxes
2 tooth steering boxes.
Gearbox tops
Wiring looms
Brake Equalizer Bar.
Drop arm from sector shaft
Drag link.
Accelerator control mechanism. Clamps to steering column.

 Complete upholstery kits for your Ford from 1911 to 1947 are available. Ask for a free sample card.  Fabric by the yard is also available from the same sample cards. These cards are free for the asking, or go to to view the sample cards on line.

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