All the following parts are manufactured in New Zealand.
All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Fuel can holder

Polished Aluminium fuel can holders. Holds a 2 gallon fuel can to the running board of most vehicles, where the opening of the door does not interfere with the fuel can.

Sorry currently out of stock.

Shock absorbers

“Original style” shock absorber sets, or individual components.
All sets are complete, and are made of 100% new parts and include all mounting hardware.
Shock absorbers are fully guaranteed for one year, with the original purchaser.

We can also recondition your old shocks at $215 each. (Please be aware that not all shocks are rebuild-able, or they may require to much work and or parts to be cost-effective, you will be advised of any additional cost before commencing work.)

Complete set of 4 $2181.35
Complete shock each $545.35
Price per individual shock $396.75

Shock absorbers only are made in New Zealand, (Arms,links and mounting hardware are imported).

Open car interior door panels – 1928 to 1931 “Open” car interior door trim sets.

1930 Model ‘A’ Phaeton set, pictured above. Picture shows 1930 door panels with embossing around perimeter of panel, and fitted escutcheon plates.

Picture at right shows 1928/29 panel for “Open car” with no outside door handles. All door trim panel sets, come complete with  fasteners which attach the panels to the doors.

All panels are made from textured board as originally fitted to all New Zealand “Open Vehicles”.

All door panel sets are made from textured black pressboard. The 1930 door panels have the pressed raised center, with the original scalloped corners. The 1928/29 panels are plain textured black. (These are not just a padded sewn piece of board.)

All panels are sewn around the visible edges with black bias binding, as produced originally.

All panels for all years of open vehicle, are exact copies of original door and cowl panels, and all sets are supplied
with the correct original type fasteners to hold the panels in place on the doors and cowl.

All door panels are fitted with the correct escutcheons for the year. Pictured above.
Phaetons are an 8 piece set with all fasteners.
Roadsters are a 4 piece set with all fasteners.
Roadster Pick-ups are a 6 piece set with all fasteners.

Roadster 28/29 $235
Roadster 1930 $245
Phaeton 28/29 $375
Phaeton 1930 $395
Roadster Pick-up 28/29 $245
Roadster Pick-up 1930 $295


Positioned parallel to the tappet cover. A must for any keen motorist with engine protection at heart. MK1  are best suited if an add on oil filter has been fitted as it hangs down below the steering column.

Important – read the data sheet before buying!