1930 Closed Cab Pickup

1930 Closed Cab Pickup an older restoration, will have a bit of a tidy up at some stage some details are not correct and will be changed at a later date.

Model A 1930 Deluxe Roadster Prior to Panel work

1930 Deluxe Roadster prior to any work being done, was an older restoration. Current owner noticed cracking and bubbling and removed all paint to find a lot of bog in some places up to 20mm thick, also some not so nice repairs.

LHS cowl subrails
RHS cowl subrails
RHS Running board, both in very rusty condition rusted all the way through in areas
RHS rear Quarter before repair as you can see not very straight
RHS rear quarter without straight edge before repair


1930 Deluxe Roadster during panel work

Pretty much rebuilt the cowl new side panels, subrail extensions, repaired bottom of LHS cowl post. It was more cost effective to replace side panels and subrails than trying to repair originals.

1928 Tudor

1928 Tudor body was completely dismantled, panels and  sub-chassis vapor blasted all rust cut out and repaired just have to repair the RHS top rear quarter panel rest of body panels riveted and bolted back together and primed. Sanding back has started.

Customer is doing their own Chassis and motor etc

1930 Wrecker

1931 AA wrecker, imported from the USA came from a Museum in  St Louis.

1931 400A

1931 Model A 400A an older restoration imported from the USA, the 400A was a more luxurious car produced for the upper class