If your Model ‘A’ is in need of some repair work and you live in the vicinity of Christchurch City, just give us a call, (or email) and we will be happy to work on your vehicle.

From a simple job like, Kingpins (spindle bolts), to  larger jobs like removing your Model A motor for reconditioning and reinstalling it afterwards.

We can get your brakes working correctly, the main issue we hear from our customers is that their vehicles have insufficient brakes.

Once Model A steel brake drums have worn to more than 11 inches they expand when they are hot and owners find they get brake fade, with the fitting of new cast iron brake drums to their existing hubs along with re-bonded brake shoes and possibly replacement of clevis pins and even new brake rods to take all the slack out of the brake system can restore the braking of the car to when the car was new.

For more information on Brake Drums click the link below.

Cast Iron Brake Drums